Reheating With Steam

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Reheating With Steam

One simple thing you can do to make leftovers or planned overs taste better is to reheat them in a steam basket instead of a microwave. I just place 1-2 inches of water in the bottom of a pan and place my steam basket insert on top. I add my food to the basket, cover and turn on high; once it steams I lower the heat to medium. I have a glass lid so I can see the food. Most foods reheat in just a few minutes. I reheat oatmeal, eggs and even steak. The food does not dry out or get rubbery.

1. Add the water


2. Add the steam basket


3. Add the food


4. Cover


5. Turn on the heat


You can also reheat in stackable bamboo baskets. A great way to reheat several meals at one time. The baskets are even great for cooking.

Take it one prep at a time,

Chef Jackie