About Chef Jackie

Chef JackieI’ve lived and breathed the food world for over 20 years from professional chef in gourmet restaurants all the way back to my first job at Little Caesars Pizza! Through these adventures, I’ve had the joy of preparing gourmet meals, catering, making wedding cakes, teaching classes and writing cook books. But when it comes down to it, the greatest joy is feeding my family a great tasting and nutritious meal. After becoming a mom, I know what a struggle it is to make that happen. Along my culinary journey, I’ve found techniques to make it more doable in the chaos of everyday life and that is what I’m here to share. I used my skills as a chef, wife and mother to develop the Prep Like a Chef System for the home cook. The system teaches people how to plan, prep and cook in less time than it take to dine out, order in or drive thru. So let’s get cooking!